LA Blackout an Accident

The LA Department of Power and Water is saying that yesterday’s blackout was the result of one of their employees accidentally cutting the wrong power line. Apparently, it went something like this…
Bill: "Dooood! You weren’t supposed to cut those lines."
Ted: "You sure? The boss told us to cut some of these lines, dude."
Bill: "But not ALL of them, dude!"
Ted: "Oh. Bogus. Think we should put some of them back, dude?"
Bill: "Fer shure, dude."
Ted: "Kay, I’ll just hook some up to the main power station here, that way if it shorts out, the fail safe system that protects the whole grid from power spikes will automatically shut everything down all over the valley."
[Bill & Ted do the air guitar thing]
Ted: "There, that should do it, dude."
**zzzzt – pkafff – FOOM**
Ted: "Oops."
Bill: "Hey dude, why’d it just get so dark and quiet all over LA?
Bill & Ted: "Bogus…"
Hey, at least my buddy Mark will be glad to know it wasn’t done on purpose (since he still didn’t have any power in his hotel room at 11:00 last night).
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3 Responses to LA Blackout an Accident

  1. Justin says:

    Hey Mike!Baahahhaha!! Hilarious!!! Just stopped by one final time to say my final \’see ya\’, as sadly, I\’m retiring from msn spaces. All the best to you my friend!

  2. Mike says:

    Awww shoot Santa, I\’ll definitely miss your dose of sarcasm. Don\’t be a stranger man. Take care.

  3. Stephanie says:

    LOL, You were there, weren\’t you? Had to have been, you know exactly what happened! Sad thing, Bill and Ted are two of their better employees. At least they are being honest about it, usually they say it\’s a rolling blackout… we know the truth though. lol BIG HUGS, Kitty

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