A Weird Day

Just when I thought things could not possibly get stranger than yesterday…
Things started out pretty well, the power was back on, the sun was shining, and we got to the geek convention with plenty of time to grab a bite to eat before the opening keynote. Then the phone rang…
It was my baby and I could sense she was crying. When I asked what was wrong she responded with a question that made my heart drop.
"Who is your veterinarian? Elvis just got hit by a car."
Once I got her calmed down I was able to ascertain that he didn’t seem to be too badly hurt, and that what actually happened was that he was the one that ran into the car and not t’other way around. Poor Loretta was more upset than he seems to be. I’m glad that big knucklehead didn’t hurt himself, but it was still not a pleasant way to start the day though.
The keynote was pretty good. Bill Gates actually said that soon ALL new computers will be shipping with Windows Vista. Wonder what the Linux folks and slashdotters will have to say about that little quote once they get their hands on it. Good for a chuckle though. Jim Allchin seemed a little off his game during his part of the keynote, but the code demos by the Microsoft A-Team (Don Box, Anders Heijlsberg, Chris Anderson, and Scott Guthrie) certainly made up for it. 
At least there’ll be plenty of beer at the sponsor expo. The first night of the expo is the traditional schwag grab, and a very good chance to upgrade any geeks wardrobe. It starts in 15 minutes so guess I ought to get ready.
Here’s hoping Loretta and Elvis are both fine. I’m thankful he wasn’t seriously hurt, and I’m really glad it was him and not one of my kids (sorry buddy).
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3 Responses to A Weird Day

  1. Krista says:

    Ohh Poor thing! I\’m glad he\’s ok!!

  2. SillyCrystalD says:

    GLad to hear he\’s alright!! Hope Loretta feels better about it soon!! She didn\’t hit him did she? Then she shouldn\’t feel bad :)

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks ladies. He seems to be fine. L didn\’t hit him but she felt responsible because she is watching him while I\’m out of town. Plus he\’s a lot like a second son to her, albeit somewhat fuzzy…

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