Mark Takes the Red Pill

My friend and co-worker Mark has announced that he has been assimilated into the b0rg. I’d congratulate him if I didn’t think he was nuts. Of course he is quite a bit younger than I am, so the lure of the red pill was a lot more attractive to him than it is for me. I suppose if I was still 33, getting a job with Microsoft might seem more like snagging the brass ring on the software developer merry-go-round to me as well (that and the fact that I’d never trade my current gig to become a small cog in such a big machine).  
Seriously, Mark will make a good little ‘softie, and they are lucky to have him. He will be joining the Visual Studio Team Architect team as a program manager next month.  Good luck Mark, we’ll miss you around here.
1st request – go over to the MSN shack and rattle their cages re: QOS.
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4 Responses to Mark Takes the Red Pill

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks Mike, damn, they did not even offer me the Blue pill, guess I should have asked :)

  2. Mike says:

    "Welcome my son — welcome, to the machine…"

  3. SillyCrystalD says:

    just thought I\’d let you know that I deleted my space…i\’ll still enjoy keeping up with you though…maybe i\’ll create a new one after we\’re married…we\’ll see.

  4. Mike says:

    Aww(www) – sorry to see you go Crystal. I\’ll always remember that you left the very first tracks in my comment section. Best of luck to you and Paul, stop by and say hey sometime.

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